What is the meaning of Kappa?

The tenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

A measurement of the sensitivity of the value of an option to changes in the implied volatility of the price of the underlying asset.

A tortoise-like demon or imp.

Kappa; the Greek letter Κ (lowercase κ)

Alternative form of kapa

a unit of measure for the volume of dry goods, equivalent to 1/32 of a tynnyri or 4.58 litres in the Kingdom of Sweden and 1/30 of a tynnyri or 5.4961 litres in the Russian Empire

in modern use, a unit of measure for the volume of dry goods used in farmers' markets especially for potatoes, equal to 5 litres, or 2 litres for pikku kappa

a measuring vessel of one kappa, roughly cubical and typically made of wood


women's overcoat

kappa (tenth letter of Greek alphabet)

kappa (mythical creature)

kappa (Greek letter)

kappa (Greek letter)

kappa (Greek letter)

a unit of dry volume equivalent to about 9.16 liters

definite feminine singular of kappe

definite plural of kapp

to cut, chop something off quickly in one go

(non-standard since 2012) Alternative form of kappe

definite singular of kappe

to compete in something

kappa, a Greek letter

kappa a Japanese mythological creature

the name of the Greek-script letter Κ/κ; kappa

The name of the Latin-script letter K.; kay

Rōmaji transcription of かっぱ

fit, suitable, worthy

nearly equal to, rivalling, resembling, like


a short time, moment

precept, rule, ordinance

rules concerning rites, one of the Vedaṅgas

practice, usage, mode

alternative, permission

a chapter or section of a book



a vast period, age, world cycle


kappa (Greek letter Κ, κ)

kappa (Greek letter Κ, κ)


kappa; the Greek letter Κ, κ

women's overcoat


kappa (Greek letter)

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