What is the meaning of Tint?

A slight coloring.

A pale or faint tinge of any color; especially, a variation of a color obtained by adding white (contrast shade)

A color considered with reference to other very similar colors.

A shaded effect in engraving, produced by the juxtaposition of many fine parallel lines.

A vehicle window that has been darkened to conceal the occupant.

  To shade, to color.

it is not; it isn't; 'tisn't; it'sn't


inflection of tinten:

  1. first/second/third-person singular present indicative
  2. imperative

first/second/third-person singular present indicative



smelt (a fish from the Osmeridae family; most commonly, Osmerus eperlanus)

third-person singular past historic of tenir


simple past tense and past participle of tyne

Source: wiktionary.org