What is the meaning of Ape?

A primate of the clade Hominoidea, generally larger than monkeys and distinguished from them by having no tail.

Any such primate other than a human.

An uncivilized person.

One who apes; a foolish imitator.

To behave like an ape.

To imitate or mimic, particularly to imitate poorly.

Wild; crazy.

plural of aap

Alternative form of apã

plural of apa

horse feed



Used to indicate present progressive tense or the continuous tense in general, commonly shortened to "pe" in speech.


road, street

An ape or monkey; a simian creature.

A deceiver; a conman or charlatan.

A gullible or foolish person.

ape, monkey

to ape, mimic or imitate.

ape, monkey

e-infinitive form of apa




second-person singular present active imperative of apō

plural of apa

inflection of apă:

  1. plural
  2. genitive/dative singular


genitive/dative singular

Source: wiktionary.org