What is the meaning of Sight?

The ability to see.

The act of seeing; perception of objects by the eye; view.

Something seen.

Something worth seeing; a spectacle, either good or bad.

A device used in aiming a projectile, through which the person aiming looks at the intended target.

A small aperture through which objects are to be seen, and by which their direction is settled or ascertained.

a great deal, a lot; frequently used to intensify a comparative.

In a drawing, picture, etc., that part of the surface, as of paper or canvas, which is within the frame or the border or margin. In a frame, the open space, the opening.

The instrument of seeing; the eye.

Mental view; opinion; judgment.

To see; to get sight of (something); to register visually.

To observe though, or as if through, a sight, to check the elevation, direction, levelness, or other characteristics of, especially when surveying or navigating.

To apply sights to; to adjust the sights of.

To observe or aim (at something) using a (gun) sight.

a great deal, a lot

Source: wiktionary.org